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LANDEX®(Emulsion explosives)

Combined use of LANDEX® with the "pneumatic loader" developed by Kayaku Japan and the non-electric initiation system (non-electric detonator), enables blasting work with high safety and efficiency.

LANDEX® Blasting System

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  • No need to get close to the tunnel face in charging.
  • Possible to check the conditionof the tunnel face incharging.
  • Adoption of a non-electric detonator ensures safety against static electricity, leak current, etc.


  • Save time for charging and connection.
  • Mechanical loading reduces the burden of workers.


  • As with ANFO explosives,Granulated emulsion explosives have facilitated mechanical loading.

Environmental responsiveness

  • Reduced generation of fumes
  • Available for use in any type of water hole including lifter hole.

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Before pneumatic loading

After pneumatic loading

Performance table

Brand name Bulk density Load density Detonation velocity
Ballistic pendulum Water resistance Fumes JIS drop hammer test BAM friction sensitivity test
LANDEX® 0.93~1.13 0.7~0.8 3,500~4,000 66~72 Excellent Best 8th grade 7th garade

Package table

Brand name Inner package Package size
Number of bags Net weight
Gross weight
Carton size
LANDEX® 10 2 20 22 580×330×255
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